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Terms And Conditions

The following terms and conditions are presumed to be agreed upon between the service provider (Wiki Expertise) and service buyer (Customer). These terms and conditions are also part of our Service Agreement shared with you at your first service purchase with Wiki Expertise. If, in case, you have not received a copy of your Service Agreement, please send an email to with the subject “Service Agreement.” A customer support representative will be in touch with you.


Website:” refers to all the content available on and its pages.

Company:” refers to Wiki Expertise.

Customer:” refers to the person purchasing the service, the person or company on whose behalf the service has been purchased, or an official representative agreed upon in writing.

Service:” refers to all services and products that the Wiki Expertise offers to its customers.

Work:” refers to the content, design, websites, and other digital products produced on behalf of the customer by the company.

Our Services

Wiki Expertise services include Wikipedia consultancy, editing, publishing, content writing, ghostwriting, digital marketing, web design and development, and virtual design. Customers place an order for service(s) by making a payment. Customers are obligated to read these terms and conditions before placing an order with Wiki Expertise.

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Ownership Of Work

Wiki Expertise claims no ownership of the work produced by the company’s writers, designers, developers, and marketers in exchange for payments made by the customers on placing the orders. However, complete ownership is transferred only upon full payment for the services ordered. In case of partial payments, ownership is retained by the company until full payment has been received.

Information And Confidentiality

Wiki Expertise may ask for certain information to process customer orders for various services. All data, including, but not limited to, contact and personal information, customer data and content, ghostwritten works produced by the company on behalf of the company is kept confidential and only used for the production of the services. Certain information in some cases, however, must be released, including:

Disclosure Of Information

Certain services purchased by you, such as paid editing and publishing of Wikipedia pages, require that we disclose our relationship to the platform. Wikipedia policies state that any paid contributions must be disclosed on the talk pages of the edited pages and the user pages of our editors. For more information on this, please see Wikipedia: Paid-contribution disclosure.

Disclosure Notices On Wikipedia In Compliance With Its Policies

Content and design published online as per the service agreement.

Content and design added to the company portfolio only after express written permission from the customer.

Original Content

Wiki Expertise ensures the originality of all content through a premium plagiarism checker. However, the inclusion of direct quotations, public statements, citations, terminologies, and such content often shows up as plagiarism in reports. Customers can request a copy of the plagiarism report via direct email to the assigned account manager.

Reactivation Of Account

Accounts are deactivated if the customer is unresponsive for 6 months. Customer accounts can be reactivated via email to or to your account manager. A reactivation fee is charged to resume the services.


Wiki Expertise is an independent company and bears no official association or affiliation with Wikimedia Foundation, Wikipedia, or its partner projects. We assume no guarantees and offer no assurances beyond the following:

A fair assessment of notability and eligibility as per the guidelines and policies provided by the Wikipedia community.

Deep internet scan and research to find reliable and independent sources of information with significant coverage of the subject/topic.

Quality draft as per top content standards and following the Wikipedia manual of style.

Compliance with Wikipedia policies in regards to paid contributions, including the required disclosures.

If you receive any guarantees beyond what is mentioned above, through any form of communication, including, but not limited to, live chat, email, text messaging, or phone call, from any person affiliated with the company or otherwise, please report it immediately via email to with the proof attached.

Refund Policy

Wiki Expertise provides services related to Wikipedia editing and publishing, digital marketing, content writing, web design and development, visual design, and consultation. The company offers a refund in the following cases:

A partial refund of 5% of the total amount in case of failure to attempt to publish the Wikipedia page if the notability assessment report and Wikipedia draft were delivered.

Full refund if the notability assessment report and Wikipedia draft are not delivered within the communicated timeframe.

Full refund if there is an evident lapse of communication or delivery of services after at least three attempts in writing to communicate via email from the customer.

If the Wikipedia page is deleted due to failure to comply with content or editing guidelines within the first 30 days of publication, the company will attempt to republish the page. If the page is not republished within the communicated timeframe, it will issue a full refund to the customer.

Refunds will not be offered in the following cases:

If the customer has purchased only notability assessment services and/or draft writing services without publishing, no refund will be processed if the customer fails to meet the notability and eligibility criteria. A refund may be requested if the notability assessment report and/or Wikipedia article draft is not furnished within the communicated timeframe.

If there is documented evidence in writing of weak or poor notability communicated to the customer by the company and the page is prematurely submitted for review and publishing upon the insistence from the customer resulting in failure to publish due to notability, then no refunds will be processed, and no further publishing attempts will be made.

The company does not offer refunds if the customer has not provided the required information by filling in the questionnaire within the first 3 days of purchasing the services.

The company does not offer refunds if the customer fails to inform the company of prior attempts at publishing the same page, an administrative protection or page creation ban on Wikipedia, or prior deletions of the same page.

The company does not offer refunds if the customer makes any direct edits to a Wikipedia page resulting in its deletion. This includes edits made directly by the customer, a representative chosen by the customer, or a third-party service hired by the customer.

The company does not offer refunds if the customer has a change of mind.

The company does not offer refunds if the customer has not responded to 5 consecutive attempts to communicate via email or if the customer has been inactive and unresponsive for 6 successive months.

The company does not offer refunds if the Wikipedia page is deleted after the first 30 days of being published and the customer has not purchased page maintenance.

All refund requests and queries must be sent via email to

Service Agreement

A service agreement may be signed in some cases between the company and its customers. The service agreement’s terms and conditions might be subject to change, amendments, or waivers upon the mutual understanding between the company and the customers.

Changes To Terms And Conditions

Wiki Expertise holds the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice. Any changes or amendments to the terms and conditions will be in immediate effect and updated on this page.


If you have any concerns or queries, contact the Wiki Expertise customer service and support team via email at